Saturday, January 21, 2012

Want To Sleep More Comfortable? Try this Colour for Your Bedroom...

Sleep quality can be obtained from the look of the room a comfortable and soothing. Color plays an important room is to create an impression of the owner of the room.

Indriati Yosephin interior designers say, a comfortable color for the bedroom is usually green. It's no secret, that the color associated with the color of this plant is able to give the impression of calm and natural.

The green color is also believed to give relief, releasing saturation, as well as helping people become more relaxed. That way, a quiet room will support the quality of rest rooms for the owner.

Besides green, neutral color can also help comfort in the bedroom. Cream, for example, will give the impression of natural and memorable classic. While white, beige, and salmon will give the impression of relief and calm in the room. However, that is not too pale, you can combine them with accessories such as bed linen, curtains, furniture as well.

Yosephin said, if you want to look different through colorful game, you can do it by adding white. That way, the result will be smoother and softer, making it suitable for the bedroom.

To eliminate the boredom, you simply play the accent. The colors mentioned above, he said, is suitable for women because the impression feminine room. Meanwhile, a suitable color for a room of men, can be added with the color black. The addition will create an impression of masculine black.

Source: Kompas news

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