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Types Diets to Relieve the Different Types of Stress

Some foods are believed to cope with stress due to pressure of work or whatever problem caused it. Including the stress that comes after holidays, because you start counting the amount of money spent during the holidays, plus the change in activity back to normal with the routine work. Whatever the source of stress, you should identify the type of stress that you experience to choose the right foods as an antidote.

Recognizing the type of stress can also help you lose weight. Because, feelings of anxiety and fatigue make the body requires energy, which eventually filled with high-calorie foods and carbohydrates. As a result, your diet program a mess because of stress associated with food.

"Everyone reacts to stress differently. But there is some evidence that shows adverse effects of chronic stress on the ability to lose weight. How your body cope with stress can be a reference that helps you become more calm also more slender," explains therapist and expert nutrition Charlotte Watts, author of The De-stress diet.

Therefore, not surprising that many people fail in dieting because of stress. According Watss, changing diet and lifestyle can help you cope with stress. So, identify the type of stress you and follow some advice given to overcome them, so this 2012 you become leaner, more relaxed, and certainly more healthy.

Stress and digestive problems
If you often troubled by stomach, plus if you're stressed you feel more sick stomach, and also often have a headache, this sign you stress caused digestive problems. Source of the problem not only in digestion but also because of lack of good bacteria in the body.

Increase your intake of prebiotic to help the growth of good bacteria. The trick, asup vegetables and fruits such as garlic, onion, garlic bombat, bananas, or take supplements. Drinking is also a cure for digestive enzymes before meals, to help the body destroy the food.

How to eat you also need attention. Chew slowly and give a one hour break to eat fruit after a meal of protein. Limit intake of sugar, alcohol, caffeine can reduce levels of good bacteria in the body and can also trigger gas, lowered immunity and enhance the growth of fungi.

Stress and feelings of not calm
Often feel anxious, being reactive to stressful situations, difficulty to relax, often feel depressed when given some responsibility and prone to mood swings, these are some common symptoms of stress experienced by many people. Stress of this type of long-term impact as it pertains to physical and mental factors. The impact on the body, people who have experienced the advantages of this type of stress the adrenal glands that controls the amount of stress hormones. As a result, your appetite is increasing and has a tendency to snack.

To fix this, fill each day with a nutritional diet balanced. Make sure the protein intake is met, either from eggs, meat, fish. Asup should multiply the good fats and vegetables. You can also mengasup supplements containing zinc, iron, vitamin C, B, iodine and magnesium, because these nutrients tend to disappear when you experience stress.

Take care not to fatigue the body condition. Try to relax, take a deep breath, before going to bed at night or when I wake up in the morning. Reduce the intensity of your exercise, do not push yourself. Avoid too many things that are so competitive that can trigger stress.

Stress and body limp
You often feel cold when others feel warm, hair loss, difficulty concentrating, often feel tired, hoarse voice, every time I wake up, you feel weak, here's some stress symptoms caused by disorders of the thyroid gland. These signs indicate the body's metabolism does not work optimally. Body's ability to store energy also fell. If you have this, the desire to lose weight more difficult to realize.

Overcome by making sure blood sugar levels in your body stay in balance so that energy is maintained. The trick reduce sugar and carbohydrate intake, and consumption of more protein. Avoid coffee and alcohol. Was more diligent exercise. Try yoga with your head under which help blood circulation and distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the thyroid gland. Let's not mengasup cabbage and broccoli. You should eat foods that are warm like the chili, ginger, green tea, turmeric, wasabi too.

Stress and illness
Are you suffering from numerous diseases such as asthma, throat infections, nose, ears, and fever, headache, except that you also have a tendency to suffer from osteoporosis, heart disease and other diseases? It's your body's immune system markers problematic.

To overcome this problem, limit your intake of sugar. Increase intake of foods rich in vitamin C, E, berakaroten found in fresh fruits and vegetables are brightly colored. Food and beverages such as chocolate, garlic, tea, red wine and green tea good for you. Make sure your intake of omega 3 are met, because of the lack of omega 3 can exacerbate the illness that you suffered earlier. When exercising, avoid cardio workout and you should select the model of light exercise such as jogging or walking.

Stress and hormonal problems
Hormonal problems such as PMS or other problem as a result of the use of contraceptives that are often experienced by women is also stressful. Stress hormones interact with the hormone estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. As a result of hormones in the body off balance, and weight problems experienced by many women by targeting the hip and thigh area.

To overcome this limit alcohol consumption may increase estrogen levels and aggravate PMS. A sup soy-based foods to help balance hormones. In addition to fiber intake also multiply. Exercising every day can help balance hormone because it increases circulation and detoxification.

Stress and fatigue
You often easily upset when I wake up, feeling tired, difficulty sleeping, this is a symptom of stress continuation of the previous type of stress. People with this stress should increase the intake of red meat, fish, eggs, spinach, salad water, milk, tofu, mushrooms and a variety of iron-rich foods. Increase intake of fruits and vegetables, balance is also a sport that can reduce stress hormone levels. Patients with this type of stress may mengasup coffee, alcohol, multivitamins and minerals that increase iron, magnesium, vitamins B and C.

Stress and lost the spirit 
You tend to have difficulty sleeping and depression so often feel the loss of morale and motivation. Stress that you are experiencing this eliminates the hormones serotonin and dopamine which gives a sense of happiness. Feeling unhappy and lost spirit like this that cause you to have a tendency to eat junk food.

You need supplements contain omega-3, increase the intake of protein in the brain to increase energy and improve mood. Perform a healthful habits, such as exercising in open space, is more frequent laugh, listen to music, socializing, and for married couples, have sex regularly.

Source: Daily Mail

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