Thursday, January 12, 2012

Want to Have Slim Body? Write down for 15 minutes Everyday..

The secret to have slim body was simple, using pen and papers to write positive things for 15 minutes every day. The study shows how this can help you lose weight significantly.

The research was conducted at Stanford University in America and Renison University College in Canada involving 45 students, with 60 percent of their excess weight and obesity prone.

The researchers found that women who every day write down what is most meaningful to him, was able to lose weight significantly, than those who did not write. Positive thinking is a strength because when women are stressed, he did not vent his emotions on food to feel better.

The respondents were divided into two groups. One group was asked to write positive things related to anything, music, relationships with friends or family, for 15 minutes every day. While the two groups were asked to write the things that meant nothing to her. Four months later, all these women weigh weight. The result, the first group lost weight 1.5 kg.

Diet and stress.
Women tend to have more problems with weight loss related to stress and diet. This is evident from these studies, in which there is a difference between women who write something positive and different things that he did not like. According to the researchers, a person who eats when he feels depressed is a form of escape to feel better again.

"What we feel about ourselves has a huge impact," said Professor Christine Logel, one of the researchers.

Logel believe, write about things that are valued and appreciated every day to make someone see themselves more positively. He would not vent his emotions on food for the sake of getting a better mood afterwards. He also has no interest for snacking, one habit that is also something to do with stress.

According Logel, each individual can remind himself to always think positive. So, even if you feel depressed for many reasons, for example, did not pass the test or a fight with a friend, spouse or family, your mind can be twisted with a focus on positive thoughts. As your feelings of love towards your children and various other happy feeling that can combat feelings of distress earlier.

Even so, the researchers have not been willing to recommend the results of this study as the diet of women. Further research will be needed to prove the efficacy of the method to write good things every day and its influence on diet. Although there was no risk if ever you want to try it.

Source: Daily Mail

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