Monday, January 9, 2012

Eating Places Affect Your Diet Program

What and how much food you eat greatly affects your diet program. In addition, the location you're eating it could be the key to telling your diet. Eating in the wrong place can make you eat more food than usual. Here are some places which is the location of the "friendly" to execute your diet program.

1. Public Space
When eating alone, you tend to be more willing to eat food three times more than the normal amount. If weight loss is your goal, try to eat in public or with at least one friend. If forced to go alone, try to eat in a crowded place such as in Internet cafes, in parks, or in a crowded coffee shop. Eating in public will make you aware and responsible with a variety of food that goes into your mouth. This will cause you not to overeat, or eat something you do not normally eat.

2. Eat at the kitchen table
Clean kitchen that also functions as a dining room makes you often stop by to to simply stand in front of the refrigerator and ate a spoonful of ice cream, small cakes, or maybe eat something straight out of the container. As a result you are consuming more calories due to the measuring portion.
When eating, try to prepare snacks or food to taste, and enjoy every bite of food slowly. Seeing a number of food on a plate in front of you will make the brain think that you are eating too much food, so when it is to eat it you do not want to open the fridge open to find a snack.

3. In the break room at work
If you're busy and felt he had no time off for meals, should avoid eating in front of your desk. When chewing food in front of a computer, we can be sure you'll be too busy with the computer so it does not pay attention to how much you eat. Better get out first from your desk to go out to eat in the pantry, canteen, or a break room, for 10 minutes. This not only will rest my eyes and brain, but also serves to lose weight because all around you there are many others who observe how you eat. You can concentrate on eating.

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