Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Having carefully Work Space in the Bedroom!

For some people, have a work space in the house is important. That was done because some jobs require completed regardless of time, so when I got home the work continued.

What about you? If you have a work space that blends with the bedroom, it's good deserves careful color choices. Because in one room is used for two activities. So, make sure the atmosphere cozy room made ​​memorable and enjoyable.

Avoid the color is too bright, because it will make it difficult to sleep soundly when the time has come. You better apply the pastel colors, neutral, or warm in walls, ceilings, and furniture in it.

In addition, use of materials also warm on the floor, such as wood or carpet. The use of tile, ceramic, marble, or granite may be convenient to work, but not for the sleeping area. If the material is already installed, you can  to cover part of the floor with carpet.

Note also the use of lights. If the lamp is placed right in the middle of the room, hold the luminescence light with curtains. However, it should be also equipped with stand-up lamp and reading light in the work area

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