Saturday, June 30, 2012

Waking up at Early Morning Make Us Happier

Habit of waking up early is very beneficial for not only physical but also mental health. Research to prove it to the experts. Analysis of the scientists from the University of Toronto Canada concluded, those who get up early in general have better health conditions. People who get up earlier also feel happier life than sleeping late because they are more adaptable to the schedule of daily activities.

According to researchers, they often wake up late and prefers activities at night are more likely to experience a "social jet lag". It is a condition where a person's body clock becomes out of synch with social activities. On the other hand, the "morning people" proved to be more refreshed,  alert, happier and more motivated to face challenges, but also increased immunity.

As published in the journal Emotion, researchers found that most people tend to start leaving "night habits" such as his youth and became a morning routine wake up as they age. Renee Biss, the research leader, said that this discovery proves for the first time that the elderly have increased the feeling of happiness as the habit of getting up that early.

In this study, there were 435 adults aged 17 to 38 years compared with 300 people aged 59 to 79 years. Both groups were asked to fill out questionnaires about the emotional state, health quality and time to favorite activities.

The study results show, before the age of 60 years, most respondents in the category of "morning person". Less than 10 percent of young respondents included in this type. With age, these statistics are subject to change, which is less than seven percent of the population still has a habit of sleeping late.

"What is most interesting that we found was the tendency of respondents aged adults to get up early to have contributed to a better mood than young adults. People also claim to be happier in the morning than the evening, regardless of whether they are young or old. And Our research indicates that the tendency to get up earlier as you age may have emotional benefits. One night may be more susceptible to social jet lag, which means their biological clock out of synch premises social hour, "said Biss, Ph.D student of Department of Psychology, University of Toronto.

Source: Kompas online

Friday, June 29, 2012

8 Guides of Detoxification Through Food Diet

People who undergo detoxification diet or expenditure of toxins in the body by improving the diet will feel more energetic every day. In addition to the detox diet can also help you lose weight.

The following eight healthy eating guide that can remove toxins from the body, as reported from health24, Friday (06/29/2012), among others:

A. Consumption of prebiotic and probiotic

Daily consumption of prebiotics and probiotics contained in yogurt can help restore the balance of good bacteria levels in the colon.

2. Drink more water

Increase water intake to prevent dehydration, remove toxins from the body in the urine and sweat, and prevent constipation.

3. Avoid unhealthy habits

Avoid unhealthy habits such as caffeine, alcohol and smoking. Try to minimize your intake of meat, sugar and salt for several days.

4. Clean your colon

Take bentonite or psyllium supplements to absorb toxins in the digestive tract. It works by helping to erode the natural secar feces in the intestine so that the intestines become cleaner and healthier.

5. Drink a cup of green tea

Consuming green tea beneficial to restore energy after a day of activities. Green tea is also a powerful antioxidant which may counteract free radicals, causing various diseases.

6. Drink vegetable juice

Drink 1-2 glasses of raw vegetable juice every day can help improve and maintain your body's cells. By drinking vegetable juice, you can also meet the body's need for vitamins contained in vegetables.

Vegetable juice may also increase the immune system and help overcome the desire to eat sweets.

7. Reduce consumption of processed foods

Processed foods made in factories are usually resistant to several days due to use of preservatives. Better home-cooked meal that you can define yourself which foods are healthy and which ones are not.

8. Go organic

Choose vegetables and fruits organically to avoid exposure to insecticides, pesticides and antibiotics, which are usually used by farmers to keep the plants from pests.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Get The Fresh & Vibrant Look!

FOR you who have a job related to external parties, then the meeting with a client or a vendor is something that almost every day must be run. Sometimes the head like a 'smoky' meeting due to a marathon meeting continued without lag. If it were so, then the face and the appearance was no longer unnoticed.

Though the appearance is one of the important points in job performance. Especially for you who often meet people. Why? Because you are a company representative. You represent the image of the company where you work. What happens if you look messy and unkempt. I could have your client fled because he doubted the credibility of the company as reflected in your appearance.

To get the look fresh and energetic in fact not difficult loh. Does not require a thick powder or makeup menor. All you need to do is live a healthy and orderly. Plus added a little polish make-up skills with a natural style. And do not forget to wear Business Attire a dynamic impression. With a mix of everything, then completed the look fresh and vibrant you.

In order to appear fresh, try the healthy living tips:

1. Increase consumption of antioxidants.
Antioxidants make cells - skin cells to repair damage quickly. Therefore, look for vegetables and fruits - fruits that contain antioxidants to keep skin free from free radicals. One of the natural ingredients rich in antioxidants are Rosella, Rosella purple especially as it contains five times more antioxidants than other rosella, and also contains Vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. For those women who have a myriad of activities, Balancea is the right choice because it can help keep the immune system everyday. Additionally Balancea packaged for ready to drink so it fits for you with high mobility.

2. Positive Thinking and smile.
Many people who say that a person's face can reflect his thoughts. Those who are stressed or are facing problems and a lot of thought, his face grim and not likely to shine. Believe it or not, self-empowering every morning after waking up at all useful to start your activity every day.

3. Avoid smoking.
 Smoking is still not good for health especially beauty. Smoking can accelerate the aging process and eliminate the elasticity of the skin. Thus, the skin will look dry and wrinkled faster. In addition, the smell of smoke usually will stick in your body or clothes that you are using. Gone were the scent of your perfume replaced by the smell of smoke.

4. Enough sleep.
Of course you do not want her to attend meetings with dark circles around the eyes and the eyes look large marsupial.  By giving your body enough time to sleep, then it can be avoided. Besides the body becomes tired quickly and you can be more focused through the day.

So, are you ready to live healthy to look fresh?

Swimming Able To Lower The Blood Pressure

Sports, when combined with a diet low in fat and low salt is believed to be the best way to lose weight and reduce the high blood pressure. The recommended types of exercise include swimming.

You do not have to be a professional athlete to obtain these benefits. Importantly, the activity is performed routinely swim several times a week.

It has been demonstrated in a study of 43 adults aged 60 years. They swim three to four times a week. In the early commencement of rutinas swim, they have an average of 131 mm Hg systolic readings. After three months, sistoliknya readings down to 122 mm Hg.

For information, people whose blood pressure 120/80 mm Hg is considered normal. While systolic 140 and diastolic readings of 90 or more categorized as hypertensive. If the readings between the two is considered pre-hypertension.

Hirofumi Tanaka, a senior researcher who conducted the research said, swimming is a sport that is safe for elderly people who started just like walking or cycling.

In his report in the journal American Journal of Cardiology, he said that swimming will improve blood vessel function and help lower blood pressure.

"Swimming is an exciting sport. Water sports are cheap and safe for the joints of the elderly," said Tanaka.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Secret Way to Make The Waist Slim

As we get older and less mobile lifestyle, waist size was gradually widened as a result of fat. For those of you who want to get rid of fat around the waist, slight changes in daily activities was a big influence on the size of the waist.

They are more often rose from his seat, about 1258 times in a week rose from the seat, has a size of pants two times smaller than their more sedentary, which is about 99 times pause to sit in the same period.

"The size of a smaller waist means less belly fat, and this pile is a good indication for the heart," said Genevieve Healy, researchers from Australia who did the study population health.

He explained, when we stand up, big muscles in the legs and back sequentially will contract to maintain the posture. However, when sitting or lying down, it's muscle groups become inactive.

"For a moment, got up from sitting, about 1-2 minutes, is enough to make these big muscles to contract," said the researchers who published their study in the journal European Heart Journal.

In his research, Healy and his team examined 4757 people aged 20 years and over who participated in the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. All the participants wore an accelerometer at the hip right tool for 7 days when they were awake.

This tool will measure the amount and intensity of physical activity every minute participants. When very low levels of activity, the researchers suspected participants were sedentary.

On average the participants were seated approximately 1.8 hours to 21.2 hours a day. Meanwhile, the amount of time taken to get up around 4.12 minutes.

The researchers found that those who spend lots of time to sit down but do pause and rose from his seat has a more slender waistline. In addition, levels of C-reactive protein (an indicator of inflammation in the body) is also lower.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Simple Ways to Have Good Mood

Often felt listless and sleepy in the office? If yes, what you usually do? Is going to the pantry to make a cup of hot coffee? Or you choose a short walk out of the office to seek another environment?

Maybe for the short term, this solution looks quite effective.

For long-term outcomes of the most important is to fix some of our habits in the mornings and evenings.
Here are 4 tip:

- Every day wakes up at the same hour.
Barry Krakow, MD, medical director at Maimonides Sleep Arts and Sciences Ld, in Albuquerque, states have the same waking hours every day will automatically train the body's circadian system. When the system is already good, then our sleep patterns will not be disturbed by any problems. And that means we will avoid sleep problems or insomnia.

- Perform sexual activity on the bed
Assistant professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Avelino Vetceles, MD confirms the main function of the bed is for sleeping and sex. If both functions can be run properly, we will open your eyes, feeling fit and eager to work.

- Eating on time.
Not only hours of sleep, a good working mood can also be realized by having a regular eating schedule. Get used to eating breakfast and lunch on time. Do not let our bodies less 'petrol'. For lack of power will make us feel sleepy in the daytime. For dinner, it is recommended to do 3 hours before bedtime.

- Do not force the body to rest when tired.
After a day packed with a myriad of jobs, usually what we want is to go home and lay down the body into the bed. Many who thought fatigue would be able to take us to dreamland faster. But that assumption is wrong, usually people who will actually be difficult to sleep exhausted and sleepy, clear Krakow. So, step better is to make us calm and relax your body first. At the time of sleep did come, let our bodies sleep by a dream.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Want To Sleep More Comfortable? Try this Colour for Your Bedroom...

Sleep quality can be obtained from the look of the room a comfortable and soothing. Color plays an important room is to create an impression of the owner of the room.

Indriati Yosephin interior designers say, a comfortable color for the bedroom is usually green. It's no secret, that the color associated with the color of this plant is able to give the impression of calm and natural.

The green color is also believed to give relief, releasing saturation, as well as helping people become more relaxed. That way, a quiet room will support the quality of rest rooms for the owner.

Besides green, neutral color can also help comfort in the bedroom. Cream, for example, will give the impression of natural and memorable classic. While white, beige, and salmon will give the impression of relief and calm in the room. However, that is not too pale, you can combine them with accessories such as bed linen, curtains, furniture as well.

Yosephin said, if you want to look different through colorful game, you can do it by adding white. That way, the result will be smoother and softer, making it suitable for the bedroom.

To eliminate the boredom, you simply play the accent. The colors mentioned above, he said, is suitable for women because the impression feminine room. Meanwhile, a suitable color for a room of men, can be added with the color black. The addition will create an impression of masculine black.

Source: Kompas news

Friday, January 20, 2012

Types Diets to Relieve the Different Types of Stress

Some foods are believed to cope with stress due to pressure of work or whatever problem caused it. Including the stress that comes after holidays, because you start counting the amount of money spent during the holidays, plus the change in activity back to normal with the routine work. Whatever the source of stress, you should identify the type of stress that you experience to choose the right foods as an antidote.

Recognizing the type of stress can also help you lose weight. Because, feelings of anxiety and fatigue make the body requires energy, which eventually filled with high-calorie foods and carbohydrates. As a result, your diet program a mess because of stress associated with food.

"Everyone reacts to stress differently. But there is some evidence that shows adverse effects of chronic stress on the ability to lose weight. How your body cope with stress can be a reference that helps you become more calm also more slender," explains therapist and expert nutrition Charlotte Watts, author of The De-stress diet.

Therefore, not surprising that many people fail in dieting because of stress. According Watss, changing diet and lifestyle can help you cope with stress. So, identify the type of stress you and follow some advice given to overcome them, so this 2012 you become leaner, more relaxed, and certainly more healthy.

Stress and digestive problems
If you often troubled by stomach, plus if you're stressed you feel more sick stomach, and also often have a headache, this sign you stress caused digestive problems. Source of the problem not only in digestion but also because of lack of good bacteria in the body.

Increase your intake of prebiotic to help the growth of good bacteria. The trick, asup vegetables and fruits such as garlic, onion, garlic bombat, bananas, or take supplements. Drinking is also a cure for digestive enzymes before meals, to help the body destroy the food.

How to eat you also need attention. Chew slowly and give a one hour break to eat fruit after a meal of protein. Limit intake of sugar, alcohol, caffeine can reduce levels of good bacteria in the body and can also trigger gas, lowered immunity and enhance the growth of fungi.

Stress and feelings of not calm
Often feel anxious, being reactive to stressful situations, difficulty to relax, often feel depressed when given some responsibility and prone to mood swings, these are some common symptoms of stress experienced by many people. Stress of this type of long-term impact as it pertains to physical and mental factors. The impact on the body, people who have experienced the advantages of this type of stress the adrenal glands that controls the amount of stress hormones. As a result, your appetite is increasing and has a tendency to snack.

To fix this, fill each day with a nutritional diet balanced. Make sure the protein intake is met, either from eggs, meat, fish. Asup should multiply the good fats and vegetables. You can also mengasup supplements containing zinc, iron, vitamin C, B, iodine and magnesium, because these nutrients tend to disappear when you experience stress.

Take care not to fatigue the body condition. Try to relax, take a deep breath, before going to bed at night or when I wake up in the morning. Reduce the intensity of your exercise, do not push yourself. Avoid too many things that are so competitive that can trigger stress.

Stress and body limp
You often feel cold when others feel warm, hair loss, difficulty concentrating, often feel tired, hoarse voice, every time I wake up, you feel weak, here's some stress symptoms caused by disorders of the thyroid gland. These signs indicate the body's metabolism does not work optimally. Body's ability to store energy also fell. If you have this, the desire to lose weight more difficult to realize.

Overcome by making sure blood sugar levels in your body stay in balance so that energy is maintained. The trick reduce sugar and carbohydrate intake, and consumption of more protein. Avoid coffee and alcohol. Was more diligent exercise. Try yoga with your head under which help blood circulation and distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the thyroid gland. Let's not mengasup cabbage and broccoli. You should eat foods that are warm like the chili, ginger, green tea, turmeric, wasabi too.

Stress and illness
Are you suffering from numerous diseases such as asthma, throat infections, nose, ears, and fever, headache, except that you also have a tendency to suffer from osteoporosis, heart disease and other diseases? It's your body's immune system markers problematic.

To overcome this problem, limit your intake of sugar. Increase intake of foods rich in vitamin C, E, berakaroten found in fresh fruits and vegetables are brightly colored. Food and beverages such as chocolate, garlic, tea, red wine and green tea good for you. Make sure your intake of omega 3 are met, because of the lack of omega 3 can exacerbate the illness that you suffered earlier. When exercising, avoid cardio workout and you should select the model of light exercise such as jogging or walking.

Stress and hormonal problems
Hormonal problems such as PMS or other problem as a result of the use of contraceptives that are often experienced by women is also stressful. Stress hormones interact with the hormone estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. As a result of hormones in the body off balance, and weight problems experienced by many women by targeting the hip and thigh area.

To overcome this limit alcohol consumption may increase estrogen levels and aggravate PMS. A sup soy-based foods to help balance hormones. In addition to fiber intake also multiply. Exercising every day can help balance hormone because it increases circulation and detoxification.

Stress and fatigue
You often easily upset when I wake up, feeling tired, difficulty sleeping, this is a symptom of stress continuation of the previous type of stress. People with this stress should increase the intake of red meat, fish, eggs, spinach, salad water, milk, tofu, mushrooms and a variety of iron-rich foods. Increase intake of fruits and vegetables, balance is also a sport that can reduce stress hormone levels. Patients with this type of stress may mengasup coffee, alcohol, multivitamins and minerals that increase iron, magnesium, vitamins B and C.

Stress and lost the spirit 
You tend to have difficulty sleeping and depression so often feel the loss of morale and motivation. Stress that you are experiencing this eliminates the hormones serotonin and dopamine which gives a sense of happiness. Feeling unhappy and lost spirit like this that cause you to have a tendency to eat junk food.

You need supplements contain omega-3, increase the intake of protein in the brain to increase energy and improve mood. Perform a healthful habits, such as exercising in open space, is more frequent laugh, listen to music, socializing, and for married couples, have sex regularly.

Source: Daily Mail

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Having carefully Work Space in the Bedroom!

For some people, have a work space in the house is important. That was done because some jobs require completed regardless of time, so when I got home the work continued.

What about you? If you have a work space that blends with the bedroom, it's good deserves careful color choices. Because in one room is used for two activities. So, make sure the atmosphere cozy room made ​​memorable and enjoyable.

Avoid the color is too bright, because it will make it difficult to sleep soundly when the time has come. You better apply the pastel colors, neutral, or warm in walls, ceilings, and furniture in it.

In addition, use of materials also warm on the floor, such as wood or carpet. The use of tile, ceramic, marble, or granite may be convenient to work, but not for the sleeping area. If the material is already installed, you can  to cover part of the floor with carpet.

Note also the use of lights. If the lamp is placed right in the middle of the room, hold the luminescence light with curtains. However, it should be also equipped with stand-up lamp and reading light in the work area

Saturday, January 14, 2012

6 Ways of Stretches To Relieve Stress

While working with the computer often make us fatigue. In addition to fatigue, stress will be felt and can often lead to loss of concentration while working.

To relieve symptoms of stress that hit, and simply do a little exercise while working at your desk. For example, do the stretch. That must be considered is to maintain your sitting position with upright and straight. That is, the neck and spine in an upright and neutral position, shoulders and body straight, knees bent 90 degrees with both feet flat on the floor.

Perform this stretch at least 3-4 times a week, hold for 15-30 seconds and repeat two times each session.

1. Stretching the neck
Tilt your head, hold the neck and pull your ear slightly to touch her shoulder as she gave a little pressure. You will feel the stretch along the left side of your neck. Do alternately on the left and right neck.

2. Stretching the head
Sit in an upright position, with the spine in a straight and neutral position, relaxed, head to the right so you can look past the right shoulder, looked like a movement. Do this in both directions, right and left. Do it for a few seconds so you feel relaxed.

3. Stretching the shoulder
Keep your shoulders to stay relaxed, and place your right arm over left arm across his chest. Give a little pressure to relieve stress. Do the opposite for a while.

4. Stretching back behind
Cross your arms in front of the body, leaning back in his chair. Then, crossing his hands, seize arms of the chair. If no, stick to the bottom of the seat. Stretching her arms memengang this chair can keep your spine in a position so that the back straight behind you will feel more comfortable after you stretch.

5. Stretching back next
Keep your spine in an upright, then bend your back from the hips reaching to the floor. Make a motion as if to touch your toes, place hands on the ankles or shins of your feet.

6. Stretching your fingers
Hold your right hand and place it on the table. Then use the index finger and your middle fingers, stretching the distance of each piece of stretched finger. Perform on both hands.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Want to Have Slim Body? Write down for 15 minutes Everyday..

The secret to have slim body was simple, using pen and papers to write positive things for 15 minutes every day. The study shows how this can help you lose weight significantly.

The research was conducted at Stanford University in America and Renison University College in Canada involving 45 students, with 60 percent of their excess weight and obesity prone.

The researchers found that women who every day write down what is most meaningful to him, was able to lose weight significantly, than those who did not write. Positive thinking is a strength because when women are stressed, he did not vent his emotions on food to feel better.

The respondents were divided into two groups. One group was asked to write positive things related to anything, music, relationships with friends or family, for 15 minutes every day. While the two groups were asked to write the things that meant nothing to her. Four months later, all these women weigh weight. The result, the first group lost weight 1.5 kg.

Diet and stress.
Women tend to have more problems with weight loss related to stress and diet. This is evident from these studies, in which there is a difference between women who write something positive and different things that he did not like. According to the researchers, a person who eats when he feels depressed is a form of escape to feel better again.

"What we feel about ourselves has a huge impact," said Professor Christine Logel, one of the researchers.

Logel believe, write about things that are valued and appreciated every day to make someone see themselves more positively. He would not vent his emotions on food for the sake of getting a better mood afterwards. He also has no interest for snacking, one habit that is also something to do with stress.

According Logel, each individual can remind himself to always think positive. So, even if you feel depressed for many reasons, for example, did not pass the test or a fight with a friend, spouse or family, your mind can be twisted with a focus on positive thoughts. As your feelings of love towards your children and various other happy feeling that can combat feelings of distress earlier.

Even so, the researchers have not been willing to recommend the results of this study as the diet of women. Further research will be needed to prove the efficacy of the method to write good things every day and its influence on diet. Although there was no risk if ever you want to try it.

Source: Daily Mail

Monday, January 9, 2012

Eating Places Affect Your Diet Program

What and how much food you eat greatly affects your diet program. In addition, the location you're eating it could be the key to telling your diet. Eating in the wrong place can make you eat more food than usual. Here are some places which is the location of the "friendly" to execute your diet program.

1. Public Space
When eating alone, you tend to be more willing to eat food three times more than the normal amount. If weight loss is your goal, try to eat in public or with at least one friend. If forced to go alone, try to eat in a crowded place such as in Internet cafes, in parks, or in a crowded coffee shop. Eating in public will make you aware and responsible with a variety of food that goes into your mouth. This will cause you not to overeat, or eat something you do not normally eat.

2. Eat at the kitchen table
Clean kitchen that also functions as a dining room makes you often stop by to to simply stand in front of the refrigerator and ate a spoonful of ice cream, small cakes, or maybe eat something straight out of the container. As a result you are consuming more calories due to the measuring portion.
When eating, try to prepare snacks or food to taste, and enjoy every bite of food slowly. Seeing a number of food on a plate in front of you will make the brain think that you are eating too much food, so when it is to eat it you do not want to open the fridge open to find a snack.

3. In the break room at work
If you're busy and felt he had no time off for meals, should avoid eating in front of your desk. When chewing food in front of a computer, we can be sure you'll be too busy with the computer so it does not pay attention to how much you eat. Better get out first from your desk to go out to eat in the pantry, canteen, or a break room, for 10 minutes. This not only will rest my eyes and brain, but also serves to lose weight because all around you there are many others who observe how you eat. You can concentrate on eating.