Friday, January 27, 2012

Get The Fresh & Vibrant Look!

FOR you who have a job related to external parties, then the meeting with a client or a vendor is something that almost every day must be run. Sometimes the head like a 'smoky' meeting due to a marathon meeting continued without lag. If it were so, then the face and the appearance was no longer unnoticed.

Though the appearance is one of the important points in job performance. Especially for you who often meet people. Why? Because you are a company representative. You represent the image of the company where you work. What happens if you look messy and unkempt. I could have your client fled because he doubted the credibility of the company as reflected in your appearance.

To get the look fresh and energetic in fact not difficult loh. Does not require a thick powder or makeup menor. All you need to do is live a healthy and orderly. Plus added a little polish make-up skills with a natural style. And do not forget to wear Business Attire a dynamic impression. With a mix of everything, then completed the look fresh and vibrant you.

In order to appear fresh, try the healthy living tips:

1. Increase consumption of antioxidants.
Antioxidants make cells - skin cells to repair damage quickly. Therefore, look for vegetables and fruits - fruits that contain antioxidants to keep skin free from free radicals. One of the natural ingredients rich in antioxidants are Rosella, Rosella purple especially as it contains five times more antioxidants than other rosella, and also contains Vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. For those women who have a myriad of activities, Balancea is the right choice because it can help keep the immune system everyday. Additionally Balancea packaged for ready to drink so it fits for you with high mobility.

2. Positive Thinking and smile.
Many people who say that a person's face can reflect his thoughts. Those who are stressed or are facing problems and a lot of thought, his face grim and not likely to shine. Believe it or not, self-empowering every morning after waking up at all useful to start your activity every day.

3. Avoid smoking.
 Smoking is still not good for health especially beauty. Smoking can accelerate the aging process and eliminate the elasticity of the skin. Thus, the skin will look dry and wrinkled faster. In addition, the smell of smoke usually will stick in your body or clothes that you are using. Gone were the scent of your perfume replaced by the smell of smoke.

4. Enough sleep.
Of course you do not want her to attend meetings with dark circles around the eyes and the eyes look large marsupial.  By giving your body enough time to sleep, then it can be avoided. Besides the body becomes tired quickly and you can be more focused through the day.

So, are you ready to live healthy to look fresh?

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