Sunday, December 18, 2011

Protein Prevent Hunger During Diet Program

Hunger is often a threat successful weight loss program or maintain ideal body weight remained. To get around so the stomach does not continue to feel hungry due to restriction of calories, add more protein in your dish.

Previous studies have found that the protein could make sense of full longer than carbohydrates or fats.

New study by a team from the University of Sydney also support this theory. They found people who consume 10 percent protein was often hungry and ate 12 percent more calories throughout the day, primarily derived from snacks. Conversely, people who consume 15 percent more resistant protein hungry.

The researchers estimate the excess calories eaten one of a group of proteins can cause a little extra weight to one kilogram per month.

Proteins are the muscle builders and more number of calories needed to maintain muscle than fat to maintain. This means the muscles will increase your metabolism.

Another advantage of adding the portion of the source of protein in the diet is because the protein is rich in zinc and B vitamins that can strengthen the body's immune system to fight disease.

If you are in a day on average consume 1,800 calories and protein to get 15 percent of total calories, then you should consume about 68 grams of protein.

Proteins derived from whole grains, beans, cheese, soy, eggs, fish, and low-fat milk.

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